Review: Gifts for the Discerning Tea Lover by The Tea Stylist

November 24, 2013 0 Comments

The holidays are coming, and that means finding some great gifts for the special people in your life. We're honored to be included in this holiday gift guide for tea lovers. 

Visit the link below to read why The Tea Stylist recommends Eco-Cha this holiday season for the tea lover in your life. There are lots of great tea related gift ideas from books to tea sets to Eco-Cha tea! 




 "If you like supporting small companies that in turn support small artisan farmers then this tea would make the perfect gift for a friend or for yourself!" ~ The Tea Stylist 


"I have infused the Jin Xuan 4 times so far and I’m sure it could handle another 4 or more steeps. I’m actually appreciating this 4th infusion more than the first 3. They were fine – very fragrant, but the fourth infusion is more subtle with a buttery nutty softness." ~ The Tea Stylist 


"Have a visit to their site – particularly the origins tab for each tea – a great resource for information about their tea specifically and Taiwan tea in general. Prices range from $8 – $30 for 38grams, depending on the tea." ~ The Tea Stylist 

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